This was my first time building a house, so I started this process with a combination of excitement and dread. What I soon discovered was that everyone at M Squared Builders had thought of everything, from the big picture (what I wanted my home to be for me) and the details (door knobs and kitchen sinks). They led me through the process with patience and care, experience and great communication. But even more, when something wasn’t exactly what I expected, and this will usually happen when you consider all the decisions and choices on makes when building a house, Michele and Rachel and Wilma were on it, and worked hard to correct my concerns. I felt like I was dealing with an advocate, never an advisory! I now have a beautiful home that reflects me and my lifestyle, and I couldn’t be happier!

Joyce Hopkins
Sue & Nick Benson

We chose M Squared Builders because of Michele Myer’s extensive knowledge of green building practices and because she offered the best and most thorough solutions for building as toxin-free a home as possible.  Every step of the planning process Michele and her team assisted us in making cost effective and toxin-free solutions.  Now, a few years later, we live in a home that is highly energy efficient, mold and chemical toxin-free and built to last.  We enjoyed the home building experience with M Squared Builders so much that we recently engaged them to help us build out our unfinished basement. The experience was equally positive.  Thank you M Squared!  We love our home!

Sue & Nick Benson

M Squared Builders was, and is, our builder of choice for Elderberry – an 18 home co-housing development in Person County, NC.  We knew that Michele was up to the challenge after she succeeded in building an extraordinarily difficult and unusual home for a neighbor, and because everyone we know who built a home with Michele and Rachel strongly recommended them. Michele and her team clearly have the experience, reputation, expertise in green building, and trustworthiness that we needed to succeed with this challenging development.  Michele built our first six homes over the past two years and is currently building four more. She is highly professional, and when things go wrong, as they will, she makes them right.  I’m thrilled that Michele and Rachel are a part of our building efforts, and, truly, a part of the Elderberry family.

Mary Bennett
Wiggins Family

My family hired M Squared Builders for a major renovation to our home, which included the addition of a living room, a mudroom, and a new kitchen. We also had M Squared seal our crawl space and upgrade our water system. We are totally pleased with the results! Our two primary incentives in working with M Squared was her ability to incorporate a healthy family living environment into our home as well as her ability to incorporate many green features on our budget. Having toured other M Squared homes and having a had a number of conversations with Michele, we felt confident that she could handle these key goals for us, while also making our addition aesthetically pleasing. We developed a great relationship with the M Squared team, and we appreciated Michele’s candor regarding our requests. She helped us make good decisions, and she helped us with budget constraints. Our new space works extremely well for our family. I have no hesitation in referring M Squared Builders & Designers to anyone with new home or renovation needs… They are terrific to work with!

Christy Wiggins

We love our M Squared Builders home. Great attention to detail and design has made this a unique place to live. Literally every person who has come for a visit has left raving about how much they love our house. It’s a perfect fit for entertaining overnight guests or having friends in for dinner. The favorite feature is the 40 foot long screened-in porch. It is a place to entertain in the evening, commune with nature, shake off the stress of the day and throughout the Tar Heel Basketball season it is a place visit with friends. With this house we’d say M Squared Builders has scored a slam dunk!

Joe and Roi Holladay
Ann & David Thompson

Choosing M Squared Builders to build your house is a smart decision. You will be very much a part of the process, being notified as to when things will happen and your opinions will be asked when things get missed. Possibly the most crucial part of the entire process is after the house is completed and they are still there to assist with the glitches that may occur.

Ann & David Thompson
Barbara Hardison

The most important factor in choosing M Squared Builders was that they took the time to understand my budget and time constraints. I was moving from Wilmington and had sold my house, so I wanted to move into my new home as quickly as possible. This is also my retirement home, so the budget was very important to me. M Squared Builders not only provided me with a beautiful, energy efficient home, they met my budget and time constraints.

Barbara Hardison

Our humans have asked us if we would like to talk about our experience. Probably the best thing for us in the process was that our wants, needs and wishes were considered from the start. That was especially important in several areas of the house:

The very large utility room which doubles as our sleeping and dining area. Our humans appreciated M Squared idea to have a door out to the screen porch in our room and soundproof our room since we both snore very loudly.

The many outdoor porches and patios that give us space to sleep in the sun.

Lots of windows so we can see the sights and be on the lookout for visitors… and bark loudly as necessary.

Our own outside shower.

M Squared made sure that the hearth in front of the fireplace was large enough for us to sleep on when we have cold, snowy weather.

From the humans: We endorse Molly and Bogue’s message and would add that our house was built on time and under budget as a result of M Squared planning and project management. They are a pleasure to work with.

Bogey and Molly
Hudgins Family

Jeanna and I are extremely satisfied with our M Squared home and the overall building experience. You carefully listened to us to gain understanding of what we wanted in a home. Then, with that information, you worked with us for a year to design the home that matched our budget and lifestyle.

When we told people we were building our home, literally everyone had a story to tell about a bad builder and how negative the experience was. However, our experience was positive. Expectations were set up front, then you kept us apprised of progress with both formal and informal meetings. You were appropriately responsive to each concern we had. Every promise you made to us was kept. Finally, the project came in on budget and was completed earlier than promised.

By far, the largest benefit of an M Squared home has been better health for Jeanna. She no longer has to take allergy medication each day (it’s been reduced by over 75%)! Her headaches, which were once almost a daily occurrence, now happen no more than a couple of days a month. We wholeheartedly recommend M Squared to anyone looking for a builder (healthy home or otherwise).

Greg Hudgins
The Marshalls

Thanks to you…Carol and I have had the pleasure of spending this past year in our new home. ‘Our’ is the operative word, since you had us actively involved in every phase of the design and in the selection of materials, fixtures, and appliances prior to construction. …you steered us in the right direction to create an energy efficient, healthy house that we can not wait to get home to each night.

Randy & Carol Marshall
Holman Family

Choosing M Squared to help me build my new home was the best decision I could have made. They listened to what I wanted and to the ideas that I had. They helped me to find practical and cost effective ways to incorporate the things that were important to me into the design of the house. Working with them and taking their advice has made building my new house a very enjoyable experience.

Sheba Holman
Susan and Scott Tilley

We have heard horror stories about people building houses, changing their choices of finishes and getting a much higher bill in the end. I don’t know how unusual it is to have the builder work with you from the beginning to give you a realistic budget on the cost of everything – down to the doorknobs – but that is what you get with M Squared Builders. You get a turnkey price before you settle on the final version of the house so you don’t get surprises at the end.

It also takes finesse to build a super energy efficient home that gets the energy bills down without geothermal heating, solar, or on demand water heater technology while not sacrificing the indoor air quality. We are really happy with it. The air doesn’t get stale smelling because 25% of the air is exchanged every hour. We don’t have a problem with cooking odors. You have the sensation that the windows are open, even though they aren’t open. And the humidity level and temperature are so even, you aren’t shocking yourself like you do in a house with dry air.

It’s amazing what an incredible job Michele did building this house.

Susan & Scott Tilley