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We create healthy living environments for new home buyers and existing homeowners in ways that enhance individual health with the least impact to our natural environment.

M Squared Builders & Designers, Inc. is a seasoned, professional building company that has worked to set the standard in healthy, green home building in the Triangle and the State.

The company offers its clients a comprehensive approach to design/build and remodeling which eases the client through the process and provides them with a thorough understanding of healthy, green options available today. Our approach has always been a common sense one; not dictating design or green alternatives that do not make sense to our clients.

We welcome all who are interested in an interactive, creative and practical approach to any construction project!

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You were appropriately responsive to each concern we had. Every promise you made to us was kept. The project came in on budget and was completed earlier than promised.

Greg Hudgins

M Squared Builders is a Healthy Green Home builder—always have been, always will be!